Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bad Company , short film

Short film "Bad Company"
played in seattle film fest in 96

Directed by Rich Jensen
Co produced and edit by kirk-o Matic

Bad Company from Kirk- O-Matic on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bank Commercial

Amplify bank

I edited this commercial for Doug Lyon Advertising , Amplfy bank

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Filmmaker Kirkomatic

Slides of the Kirk-O-Matic
Combo shots if you would like to see a link to Youtube site I have several I can send you

Here is a behind the scenes on a shoot I did back in 2009, and some shots of showing the
use of the Canon hf 10

Cam op on "Lone Star Blues"

Second unit Cam op Shot with DVX100 for the feature by JD Sitter,
"Lonestar blues"
"Lone Star blues" Directed by JD Sitter

I did some second unit Dp and camera op, even shot down in port A Texas for some final sequence 
with a 10 foot  Jib arm.

Even helped with some logo lettering


for the movie "Lone star blues"

KIRKOMATIC with spider brace

I did this picture for Marks' Spider brace websites, pretty cool braces for long
feature films, check out SPIDERBRACES!

Midnight taco Trailer

"Midnight Taco"

I co-produced and edited this Feature film with David Boone, Mark E. Gonzales was the dp /camera on Midnight taco"

this is dvd cover Done, by Casey hunter

You can watch more of the film here, enjoy

Shot in June/July 2001, edit completed in 2005 you can learn more about the movie