Monday, March 19, 2012

Midnight Taco

Midnight Taco
Directed by David Boone in 2001,
I co-produced with him and Sound on set, and then edited in 2004
here is  a some of the movie;

Here is a trailer for the movie,

Crew of some time island

Talking Heads behind the scenes

In about 1983 I was working with David boone and Brian Hansen camera sound, production
Then the Talking Heads came to town and I worked with them shooting the "Naive Melody"
Home is where you want to be ,

and this is video I shot on my Pansonic Camera, it was 2 part camera, and deck
VHS, i shot with half inch tape , of David and Brian Shooting in Bastrop, Wimberly and
south austin, when you see the video of the super 8 cameras that we shot out there for
David bryne and Bonnie Lutz and the rest of the gang of the talking heads