Saturday, March 16, 2013

4 D Studios at Canopy Austin

Worked on some shorts at Springdale Road ,  Canopy Austin

It was a Fun summer of 2013 doing stuff over there, Had some shows met lots of people/Artists,
Shot many films, but  I don't have a space over there now,.

Paul smith doing some Clay Animation on a "Torchy"show the ad here soon


small set,  even done some green screen shooting 

Simple shoots/green screen

Having some preproduction workshops


Film Pre-production with Kirk Hunter
Two 3-hour sessions.
Location: Studio #221 in Building 1, 916 Springdale Road
Kirk will be your film coach to get you started in film/ video production. You will get acquainted with the essential steps of pre-visualization, including an overview of writing a short script. This workshop is all about inspiration and planning for a successful production.
For $50 you get 2 afternoons of instruction. The workshop is scheduled April 18, 1:00-4:00 and April 25, 1:00-4:00.
You will learn how to notate a shooting script and generate a shot list. Crew, props, and actors lists will also be addressed. You will learn how to manage locations and a crew. This is a great opportunity to start making your film dreams a reality.

Email me for more info, I don't teach at the  Canopy anymore but I can coach you on films and consult on your short films,

Learn more bout workshop here

I did this video with John Booher the Wiz , 

Amplfy from  on Vimeo.

Amplfy ad I edited

G Warrior films did  Greens green screen