Monday, August 5, 2013


Book Signing 
Shot this summer for John McCarthy 

Book Signing 
I shot this , Book signing, - short with a canon HF 10, small Camcorder AVCHD

Here is the film that won, 2013 48Hour Project, In AUSTIN, TEXAS -it played at the Filmloppoza In New Orleans March 
2014, it did not go further,(like Canne)  but we still put it in film fest, 

I was the sound man and help co produced, provided the Mac for editing, Joe Robinson and Rachel Taylor, edited the winning film, Stuart Field did the music.

    Doing Sound with ZOOM and AZden shotgun Mic,
        On the 48 HOUR  First prize Winner!

Color Guard , In "Type Texas"

Handing U.S. Folded Flag, 
I shot this video at "TYPE , Texas Church,  this summer I shot this on Sony SR 11 
AVCHD, SD card/ Hard drive Camcorder.

Froggy Trailer from Kirk- O-Matic on Vimeo.
A  movie, trailer  for the froggy flick,
          For Moving Midnight Stones Studio  I shot this on a Sony, HR 11 and edited in Final Cut 10,

As you can see, I shoot with Various Cameras, Canons, Sonys, Panasonics,
 and do sound too, mostly with ZOOM and BOOM, I have mixed sound on Mixers Lavs G4s
and Mics AZDEN, Sennheisers, Marantz Hard drive recorders , Shure Mixers fp33  Sony etc. 

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